Monday, September 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Megan and Justin!

It is nearly impossible to believe it has been three years since we had two tiny little babies. I still maintain that it is the funnest hardest thing that has ever happened to us. We are so grateful to have been blessed with these two special spirits and are still amazed and thankful that they came at the same time.

Megan continues to be the dominant big sister. She's never met a stranger and is so affectionate...and dramatic. She has the most adorable lisp and an incredible vocabulary. We love the way she tells a story and how she places the words in her sentences. The first thing she did on her birthday was wish Justin a happy birthday. Megan is always "so very thirsty", is in love with the nursery leader Sister Walker, and probably loves "T.B" (television) a little too much. Meg loves to draw and doodles adorable spiders, people, and smiley faces. She loves to help in the kitchen, is so happy to wake up in the morning, and never forgets please and thank you.

Justin is our timid little buddy. He is undecided on how he feels about attention. He loves to make anyone laugh, but would rather duck his head and enjoy it. Up until a recent little miracle, Justin didn't say much. However, in the past couple of weeks he is putting sentences together, telling stories, and singing! There is nothing I love more than to overhear Megan and Justin's conversations. They crack each other up! Never has there been a boy more in love with Buzz Lighyear than Justin. He calls himself Dustin and Megan is Neg or Negan. He knows where Neg is at all times. Justin does not share food, potty trained in one day, loves his Dad's pickup, and his blanket. Justin is Mr. Mischievous. He sneaks outside, puts blueberries in the dryer, throws eggs, wanders away, and colors on himself and the walls. However, it has been a while since he flooded anything. Justin loves his pajamas and changes back into them about halfway through the day.

Grandma Jo and Grandpa were in Dallas for the weekend, so we celebrated with them a week early. Justin and Meg loved every minute of opening their presents, and were genuinely so happy for each other and their gifts.

Notice the pajama bottoms? Oh, and the other love of his life? Rain boots.

We celebrated yesterday with pizza for dinner followed by presents. Once again, they were thrilled. I bought Justin a stuffed Buzz that is about his same height. Grandma Amy bought Justin a Buzz with lights and sounds and movable parts. Grandma Amy's Buzz was opened first, and Justin needed no other gift. When he opened my Buzz, he informed us he didn't like it and wanted us to give it to Jake!

After dinner and presents we invited some family and friends to share cake and ice cream with us. Jake loves a party. He couldn't wait for all the "gesks" to get here. Megan and Justin loved having everyone here too.

Justin couldn't wait to blow out his candles. He blew them out twice before they were all lit.

Notice the Buzz...

Happy Birthday Megan and Justin we love you!!!


MByram said...

Can't believe they are 3! Cakes are adorable and so are they!!
Happy birthday Meg and Justin!

Brittney and Zach Lundgreen said...

OH my they are sooo cute! They are little Kraupp kids for sure! i HOPE my little guy looks like that! hahaha! love you guys!

Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

I still can't believe you had twins! And I can't believe they are three. They are so beautiful!