Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

It is hard to believe summer has come and gone and that today is the first day of school. This year brings a lot of changes for the Kraupp family. Our elementary school is kindergarten through 4th grade. The 5th graders in our town go the the Middle School. Early this spring we starting researching a charter school in a neighboring district. It really felt like the perfect fit for Annie, and we decided to have her attend there. When we found out some of her closest friends would be attending as well it felt perfect. So, we have Jake starting kindergarten in Homedale, Emma in 3rd grade in Homedale, and Annie in 5th grade at the charter school.

All of the kids seemed really excited to go to school. Kindergarten is going to be just what Jake needs. Emma has her best friends grandma as her teacher, and a class full of her closest friends. No surprise, Annie seemed the most nervous to start the school year. She has to wear uniforms. It is going to take so much stress out of her life. She hasn't been thrilled about it, but is adjusting. She is excited about the brand new school building.

All of the changes this year include a change in schedule. Annie has to be out the door 30 minutes before the other kids, and 30 minutes earlier than past years. This means we get everyone out of bed at 6:00. Whoa, 6:00.

Megan loves to wake up. For her 6:00 was no big deal.

Justin on the other hand, HATES to wake up and HATES to change out of pajamas to clothes.

Annie the 5th grader

Jake the kindergartner

Emma the 3rd grader

The first day of kindergarten was all Jake has been dreaming of and more. He had his own special spot with a name tag. When we dropped him off the room was eerily quiet with only the sound of sniffles and an occasional whimper. There were a lot of kids who weren't thrilled to be there. But...not Jake. He found his spot, and started waving, "Bye mom and dad! I love you!"

After kindergarten I met Jake at the school to ride the bus with him. He really wanted to do that alone, but when I told him all his friend's moms would be riding as well, he changed his mind in a hurry.

I wish I knew more about every one's first day. When it came time to tell me all about the day, you would have thought it was time to get a tooth pulled at the dentist's office. Annie and Emma had the usual shoulder shrug, but did confirm it was a good day. Jake can't remember doing anything.

Next year, the twins will go to preschool two mornings a week. I will be home alone. Why does everyone have to grow up?

On our way to pick Annie up froms school, our early morning caught up with everyone. I felt the same way!

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MByram said...

So glad everyone had a good first day. I am dreading everyone going just puts a pit in my stomach. They definitely sure are a cute bunch!! Lots of love and hope your dad is doing well.