Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Tonsillectomy

Annie's tonsils have been giving her trouble for years. We saw the ENT on Friday and he scheduled her for surgery today. I worried about the anticipation and anxiety Annie would feel about the impending procedure, but it seemed she was almost excited to get them out.

Today was shipping and sale day for the cattle who have spent the summer in Twin Falls. So, Travis is out of town and was disappointed he couldn't be here.

This morning I started the normal morning routine of waking the kids for school. Emma is always so pleasant to wake up. When the first words out of her mouth this morning were that she didn't feel well, I knew she meant it. So, upstairs we went to take her temperature. Sure enough, she had a fever, was flushed, with a headache, and a sore throat.

Grandma Jo was kind enough to take Justin and Megan while I went with Annie. Emma got to go to grandma's too. I just pray we don't share any germs. The last thing my dad needs a bug.

Before surgery the nurse put in Annie's IV. I'm telling you the girl is tough. Well, she's tough as long as I am there. No one has ever loved me as much as Annie. When it was time to say goodbye, the tears flowed freely. The anesthesiologist gave her some medicine to take her to a happy place and it worked. She was wheeled off happily talking about what grade she was in and what book she is reading.

Post surgery I continue to be amazed at how tough Annie is. She has been eating and drinking like a trooper. I have to all but sit on her to keep her in bed. She hasn't so much as had a nap! I would love for her to rest and to willingly take her pain medicine. She does so well at swallowing pills, taking this liquid medication is no fun.

I called our pediatrician with Emma's symptoms this afternoon. Bless him for diagnosing her over the phone and calling in a prescription, and bless Kendall for picking it up for us! We have had strep around here, and every indication is that Emma has it as well. Meg is running a fever too, and obviously does not feel well. She was treated for an ear infection Monday. I'm praying her fever goes away soon and that she too doesn't need treated for strep.

The sliver lining? The boys are healthy!


Karen Howell said...

Josh was horrible at taking the liquid medication when he had his tonsils out. We had to pin him down and pinch his nose closed so he'd open his mouth, and then he'd spit it back out on us. I'm guessing Annie is a little more cooperative. Tell her we hope she gets better soon. Savannah missed her and Emma today at her party.

MByram said...

Annie, you are a champ! So glad it all went well! Hope everyone starts feeling better soon. Love you guys!

Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

Sounds like a rough week! Annie's a trooper and so are you!