Saturday, January 8, 2011


Annie and Emma had their first gymnastics meet this Friday. It was their only traveling meet of the season and was held in Twin Falls. Grandma Amy and Papa met us there to watch the girls. We thought it would be best if the twins stayed home with Amber and Heather.

Here are the girls in their team uniforms. It is essential that their hair be slicked back with no fly aways or they get points deducted. Other deductions come from picking wedgies, having underwear showing, oh and technique.
No flash photography is allowed during competition, so the pictures are a little fuzzy.
This is Annie on beam:

Emma on floor:

Emma warming up on beam:

Annie on floor:

Jake was SO BORED but passed the time getting kisses from Grandma

And Papa

Each girl received a trophy at the end of the competition, as well as ribbons from the judges based upon how well they performed. Blue is best, then red, white, and rainbow (for participation).
Annie scored red on bars, red on beam, white on floor (she stepped out of bounds or would have had blue), and red on vault.
Emma scored blue on bars , red on beam, red on floor, and red on vault.

Take a real close look at the dude passing out the trophies. If you see his picture while watching America's Most Wanted he's in Twin Falls.

Although they were really looking forward to the meet and loved every minute of the competition, swimming at the hotel was a close second. For Jake it was all about the hotel and seeing Grandma and Papa.

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MByram said...

Yay! Way to go girls!!