Sunday, January 23, 2011

First Born in the Wilderness

Our girls are starting to have their babies. We lost two moms due to illness and one baby has died, but meet ROCKY our first baby calf! He has won all of us over with is stunning good looks. All of the kids love feeding and checking on the cows, but no one loves it more than Emma. She even came home with "mud" on her this morning.
This poor momma is on her 20th or more pregnancy. We feel so bad for her. She can't get up today, so Dr. Kraupp gave her a couple of shots and we are praying for her. Seriously, it's like one of the grannys at the senior center in her last trimester of pregnancy. The poor cow!


Keri said...

I showed the cow pictures to Keiser & he went crazy...jibber-jabbering. Kambell & Kinlee are quite concerned about "Granny" too.

Scott said...

Let us know if there would be a good time to come see them. Our kids would love it!