Monday, April 5, 2010


There are a couple of things you can always count on from Travis--a good laugh and advice. He has even been known to give advice on issues which are strictly feminine and I often have to remind him, "no uterus, no opinion". As far as advice goes, this week was no different. Here is a recap of how he fared:

Advice that went well:

Bless Annie's heart, for four years now she finds something that she feels works well and does not deviate from it. For example, she as been having her hair done exactly the same way for over a year now.

This week she trying to convince me to order a noneducational book from the book order. I was not about to agree to it until Travis offered this advice: he suggested that if Annie did her hair in a different style for ten days she could order the book. She was so excited! She quickly put together a list of ten different styles she might choose from and put it with our hair stuff. It has been so fun to see her step outside the box. Thanks dad for the great advice (or bribe as some may define it).

She wasn't thrilled to be having her picture taken, but look at her hair down! Sadly, she looked twelve to me that morning...

Advice that didn't go quite as well:
Recently Justin and Megan have been pretending they are newborns. The strict 8:30 bedtime is no longer and each of them has been waking multiple times in the night. Each morning Travis looks at a tired me and strongly suggests it is time to do away with nap time.
Do away with nap time?! The nap is something I anticipate each day. I scurry about getting things done. Megan thinks she is tremendously helpful as I fold laundry, but the truth is am much more efficient working alone. This holds true for many other activities--mopping, cleaning bathrooms, cooking, etc.
Well, I took Travis' advice. I decided not to put them down for a nap. By 2:00 this was the result:
upstairs couch

downstairs couch


mindy said...

It is so hard when they are *almost* ready to give up the nap. I almost found that a nap every other day worked sometimes. But they are still little. I wouldn't expect them to be nap-free yet. Do they nap in the morning still?

Jessica Taylor Blaine said...

My now three year old still has to nap. If he doesn't he dreams weirod all night. Maybe limit it to an hour and a half or so and do it earlier in the day? If summer would come we could send them out to play and they would sleep better!! Good luck I hate having lack of sleep.