Monday, November 8, 2010


Emma has started her basket ball season and she really enjoys it. She had her first game Saturday and is at least a head taller than all the other kids.

Of course there is another little girl named Emma on her team. Who knew it would be such a popular name?! I blame Ross and Rachel. Anyway, the coach was asking the other little Emma if she maybe had a nickname. When this was met with a blank stare, our Emma stepped forward and said, "I have a nickname. Just call me Lou." So, Lou it is. Her coach hollers out to her, "Hey Lou! Aim for the backboard not the basket! Lou! Where is your man?" One thing all of our kids are not short on is nicknames. We have called her Emma Lou since she was home from the hospital. I'm glad it came in handy for her basketball team.

That's Lou at the free throw line with her arms out playing intense defense.

Oh, and Justin ever the sports fanatic--had to be removed from the game. He could not understand why he couldn't just have the ball.

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