Saturday, October 6, 2012

Gymnast Down

Annie and Emma have been working hard for months to advance from level four to level five in gymnastics.  Level five requires much more of them it requires more physically and more mentally.  They practice four days a week after school and work very hard.
A few weeks ago, not even 24 hours after a took this picture of Emma on the beam I got a call from the owner of the gym.  She said Emma had crossed her legs on vault and landed in that position.  They thought her foot was broken.
I quickly called the pediatrician who told me there was no need to rush Ems to the ER, but that we should instead watch the foot over night. When we got to the gym to get Emma she was scared and hurt.

After a night of elevating and icing Emma's foot was not better. I took her to the pediatrician who said she had not broken the foot, but had instead damaged the tendons. He said Emma needed to be off her foot for three weeks and sent us for crutches.

She mastered the crutches quickly, but her foot became a magnet for younger siblings who would bump, smash, or trip over it. Despite her siblings inadvertent attempts to thwart healing, Emma is doing much better. She has courageously continued to attend practice and done conditioning to keep herself in shape. Within a couple weeks she should be back to full activity.

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