Friday, January 27, 2012


Just before the Brad Paisley concert, I received an email from Annie's teacher. Each month at Annie's school they focus on a character trait. At the end of the month, the teacher chooses a student who has exhibited that character trait and they are given an award during an assembly. Mrs. Stringfield was asking our permission to recognize Annie this month.

This month's character trait is courage. For those of you who know Annie, you know how appropriate it is that she would receive this award. She truly has earned it. It has not been an easy year for Annie Jo. I am so appreciative to Annie's teacher for recognizing who Annie is and what she has accomplished this year.

After the character awards, Annie's teacher took the stage to award the first four students in her class to get 100% on 50 multiplication facts in 60 seconds. The first name she read? Annie Jo Kraupp!

What a great day for Annie!

The bonus? It all happened on a no uniform day. She didn't have to wear her prison outfit (as she refers to the school uniform) as she was recognized.

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