Friday, February 18, 2011

Better Than Christmas

Apparently the love of vacuums is hereditary. It has been passed from my mother to me and right to Jake. Before he was two he would place his toy vacuum next to him as he slept. When we go to stores, his reward for good behavior is often a few minutes in the vacuum aisle. Seriously.

Jake has moved on from the toy vacuum and much prefers the real deal. He has a talent for making beautiful tracks in the carpet. For quite sometime I have been looking for a new vacuum. Oh the joy Jake and I felt the day we came across a DYSON that was compatible with our carpet!

After much research I loaded up the kiddos to go to Walmart to purchase, only to find out it is an online order item. Jake was very understanding--until it took two weeks to get here. He passed the time by watching countless online videos all about the Dyson Animal DC28. Soon he was using the old vacuum to reenact what he was learning online. Hilarious. He really is quite the informed consumer.

His excitement has been contagious. The twins are also thrilled with our purchase.

I think he may be an engineer one day.


MByram said...

Hilarious! You need to send that in to the DYSON people for a commercial. He could make lots of money!! I love it!

Mark, Stacy, & Jack said...

That's awesome, what a cute boy.

Brittney and Zach Lundgreen said...

oh geez this is hilarious!!!!!!!