Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Latest Project...

Travis buys cows everyday, but doesn't own them longer than half a day before they are sold and on to their next destination. It has been awhile since we owned cows for long term, and we have never owned cows that we are responsible for feeding and caring for...until now. The latest news from the Kraupp Family is that we are proudly caring for 150 pregnant Angus cows. Now, I am may have some of the details and terminology wrong so bare with me--I'm a total cow rookie.

So, cows eat hay. We have a lot of hay and it may have been the greatest day of Jake's life the day the tractor arrived to move all that hay. He went with Travis to the tractor store and told his dad, "Hey Dad, when we get to that tractor store tell the guy, "Sir, we need two tractors. One for me and one for my kid.""

Yes, we realize the tractor isn't green and will try to do better next time. It was strictly a financial decision that I'm sure my grandpa would have understood.

Before the cows arrived, Jake and Travis were thrilled to be able to use the tractor for some snow plowing.

At the end of last week our our cows arrived. Saturday we all loaded up in the feed truck (which Jake believes is titled to him) and went to feed.

Here is Travis loading up the hay:

Opening up the pasture:

Jake DRIVING the feed truck. It is his job. I'm not kidding. He actually does really well. Honks at any of the girls if they get in his road.

Our fearless leader throwing out the hay.

Here they come!

Meg was yelling at the cows the entire time. It is in her blood. She gets that from her dad.

Justin was in heaven.

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Mark, Stacy, & Jack said...

I love it, Jamie. You are totally living the life and your kids are getting so grown up!! Weren't we just in high school? I think it's great you are cattle owners, what fun for your kids. Anyway, have a merry christmas and miss you. Not sure when I'll get back to Boise, but I'll be in touch

Joey and Michelle Chandler Family said...

One thing I know about cows...they teach you how to swear. (oh and work hard too :).

The Speelmon's said...

Love it Jamie!!! You guys would have loved the cattle drive the other day! Travis and Jacob I think had a little too much fun on their horses! We will have to let ya know when we do it again!! ~Penny :)