Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Emma!

Emma's best friend is Emma. So...she is Emma K. and her friend is Emma P. They were both born on December 3rd in the same hospital. Emma K at 5 in the morning and Emma P and 5 in the evening. Grandma Jo's birthday is December 2nd. So....Friday after school we headed out to celebrate!

Grandma is so sweet about sharing her birthday

The Emmas

Every other year we have a one friend party in lieu of inviting all the friends from school. These parties are my favorite! It is always fun to see what the kids will decide to do. Emma decided to do just what Jake had chosen for his birthday a couple months ago. We went to play at Monkey Bizness and then bless her she substituted Red Robin for McDonalds.

Jake started the day with a tooth to the lip as he landed at the bottom of the slide. He thought a band aid would help and he was right :)


Everyone who tried made it all the way to the top!


Me! So nervous the kids would make it and I would not.

Travis and Emma had a race to the top. Travis had a rough and hilarious start, but came out victorious



On the day of Emma's birthday:

Emma moved back into a room of her own sometime this summer. I found the perfect bedspread for her when she moved in but beyond that have not decorated. It was so empty in there it echoed! So, while she was at school Grandma Jo came over and helped me make it a room Emma would love. She got a desk and chair, letters to spell her name created by Kenna, all kinds of wall stickers...well, here is the surprise and the tour:


We took a little break mid celebration to go watch Amber receive her honors as the Junior class princess for the Winter Formal. She is so beautiful and looked perfect all dressed up!

We are so blessed to have Emma. She is a very special spirit--always the peacemaker. She has always had a sense of who she is and what is right. She is an example to all of us. Her laughter is SO contagious, she is so smart (currently reading 88 words a minute), she is talented at everything she tries, and loves being a big sister.
Happy birthday Ems, WE LOVE YOU!!!

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The Chapple's said...

hello! This is Tara Taylor Chapple. I am wondering where did you find those cute wall stickers for Emma room? If you can remember, please tell me. I want something similiar for my little girls room.